Daddy On Twink Action With Christopher Daniels And Luke Desmond

For those of you who live to get off on daddy-on-twink porn, you’re going to love Christopher Daniels and Luke Desmond. Both are handsome, sexy, and hung like horses. Luke usually takes top position when it comes to having sex on camera but, in this instance, he gladly defers to hairy muscle man Chris. Hell, with his great blond hair, and furry body, who wouldn’t want to bottom for the hung stud? The contrast between the two is fantastically sensual and those who love ageplay will no doubt enjoy Chris with slim, toned, twink-type Luke and his monster cock. A lover of twink spunk, Chris can hardly wait to get in bed with Luke, immediately stripping and sporting a massive hard-on. Luke doesn’t bother with preliminaries when it comes to sucking Chris and his hot cut cock. He just goes to town. But when Chris gets his mouth around Luke’s 9-incher, you can tell who the true cocksucker is. Then again, when you’re into the guy you’re having sex with…TRULY turned on by him, there isn’t much you won’t do. Daddy Chris devours Luke as if he were swallowing a gherkin pickle which, for all you Luke Desmond fans, is no small feat! It’s obvious no one has ever serviced Luke like this before. But Chris isn’t just about deep throating the huge slab of monster meat. He fingers Luke’s smooth pink fuckhole at the same, working Luke up until they’re both insane with lust. Chris wants Luke to show off his ass and, boy, does he ever obey his daddy!

Chris rims Luke as if he hadn’t eaten ass in ages; in other words, a complete piggy ass whore. He then plunges the long, thick cock inside Luke, thrusting hard and fast. As he overpowers Luke’s slim frame with his own muscled body, there is nowhere for Chris to drive that slab but balls deep inside Luke’s hungry asshole. Hell, we doubt he’d want to be anywhere else anyhow and the look of sheer pleasure and joy at being so far inside Luke is clear on Chris’s face. And somehow, we get the feeling there’s no other place Luke would rather be than beneath Chris, getting stretched, filled, and plowed by the hung American daddy.

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Hung Smooth Twinks Lukas Layton, Dan Roberts, Shane Stone And Zak Hazzard Have A Morning Fourway

For those of you who like your twinks slender, super hung and ultra smooth, feast your eyes on Lukas Layton, Dan Roberts, Shane Stone And Zak Hazzard. This is an amazingly hot and sexy group session with what are probably the smoothest twinks in all of London! Waking up with morning hard-ons, all four are soon sharing rock hard cocks as throbbing shafts thrust past eager lips and down hungry throats. In fact, you can almost taste the sexual tension as we watch their delicious butts getting pounded. Both bottoms get stuffed full of so much meat it’s like watch an obscene feat of gluttony. Lead star Shane is the cute blond kid, nice and skinny and able to take cock like a complete pro. But Lukas isn’t far behind, stretched as he is by the spit roasting, tag teaming tops. Watch out for cumshots that’ll have you running for cover or licking the screen as it sprays everywhere, soaking them all from head to toe. Damn. Someone REALLY needs to invent Taste-O_Vision.

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Lyle Boyce Takes 8-Inches Worth Of Spanish Culture

For some people, Sunday are made for sleeping in late or running out for brunch with friends and family. For others, like Lyle Boyce, Sundays are good some along time and quiet introspection in a museum taking in some good culture. In this, the final scene of “A Weekend With Lyle Boyce,” the tall, slender ginger happily trots off to his local museum. Alas, he’s all alone with no one to wander about, admiring some classic artists. But fear not! This adorable shy twink can never be alone for long. And by the time he’s ready to leave, he’s got Bruno Fox in tow. Apparently the impressionist artist has made quite an impression on Lyle’s tender, hungry soul. Bruno has invited Lyle back to his place where, amidst some great artwork, he exposes Lyle to some hot, intense, and throbbing Spanish culture. To be precise, 8-inches of thick, fat, uncut cock culture pounding his pretty face and sweet twink hole. Lyle takes Bruno with the skill of someone who’s been in the industry for decades. Then again, if you’ve been keeping up with Lyle over the past few scenes here on Eurocreme, you already know this has been a roller coaster of sex from start to finish!

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Playing Cupid For Hung Twink Fuckers Jordan Jacobs And Alfie Bee

As we dig a little deeper into Lyle Boyce’s life, we discover he has a bit of matchmaking skills. Although, in this scene, featuring Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee, Lyle hasn’t acted alone. He’s in cahoots with a female friend, who also believes the two twinks need to be together. So Lyle and his friend start scheming. How to get a couple of horny, shy guys together without making it look obvious or spending a lot of money? Flash mob? No, definitely too contrived and way too much work. Lyle is more the old-fashioned type so he plans a movie night. When Jordan and Alfie realize what’s going on, they don’t mind as they obviously feel a connection. As they watch the movie they start getting closer together until, eventually, they disappear into Lyle’s bedroom to make-out and suck some of the biggest cocks we’ve ever seen on suck small and skinny twinks. Alfie is hung like a horse and Jordan makes a meal of his cock but makes a pig of himself by fucking the blond bottom practically into the mattress! When they’re done, they leave behind a room filled with the scent of their sex, and sweat on the sheets for Lyle.

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Moody, Brooding Leo Marco Gives Lyle Boyce A Grudge Fuck

If you’ve ever had a long-distance relationship and tried to make a go of it, you already know the chances of survival for that type of love affair are slim, at best. Poor Lyle Boyce is only just beginning to realize just how difficult it is to sustain a long-distance relationship. He’s been dating French hottie Leo Marco since his trip to the French countryside. At first, everything was all lovey-dovey. Now, Lyle is beginning to wonder if it’s worth the hassle. Especially since Leo is your typical Frenchman; it’s okay for him to have a bit on the side but not for Lyle.

In town for a weekend visit, Leo wants to know why Lyle didn’t pick up his phone the night before. WE all know it was because he was having sex with his neighbor but Leo doesn’t know. He only suspects what Lyle might have been doing. When Lyle explains he was watching TV and didn’t see his phone go off, Leo remains unconvinced. But that doesn’t keep him from taking out his jealousy the only way a hot-blooded Frenchman knows how…by giving Lyle a hard grudge fuck on his own kitchen table! The next morning Lyle explains to the cameraman that Leo was far too much work and won’t be seeing him again. Probably for the best. Especially when you live next-door to hot neighbors with questioning sexualities! Still, Lyle enjoys sucking on a big dick and getting fucked. We think it’s going to be a while before Lyle forgets Leo. Well, okay. Maybe only until his next fuck. Stay tuned for more of “A Weekend With Lyle Boyce!

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